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The Advocacy Edge platform combines a sophisticated legislative dashboard, a daily updated congressional directory, and a state-of-the-art mobile app to deliver every resource you need to successfully pursue your legislative agenda.

Feature Packed for Unlimited Customizations

Push Notifications

Easily send push notifications from the user dashboard. Send immediately or schedule in advance. Select all participants, an individual participant, or a group of participants.



Easily include all of the information your attendees might need while attending the meeting/fly-in.


Promote your event sponsors and show their support categories, contact information and logos.


For those meetings with exhibitors, give them special attention through links to their companies and products and mapping to their exact booth location.


Session Note Taking

Each meeting on a participant’s schedule provides the ability to take and record notes on the results of that meeting.


Meeting Surveys

Set up survey questions on the dashboard for each meeting attendee to complete providing legislator positions on the issues you care about.

Device Registration

You’ll know exactly how many of your clients/members are utilizing the app with detailed information provided on usage and the types of devices the app is being used on.

Video Tutorial

Video tutorials are provided to make usage of both the dashboard and mobile app a snap.


Help Page

Your attendees will never be out of the loop with the ability to call, text and email for help.

Hotel Information

Provides your attendees with all hotel details relating to their stay.


Get immediate reports from your dashboard showing the results of your legislative meetings. Know which legislators are supporters of your positions and who needs more attention.

Usage Audits

All information entered into the dashboard is tracked, recorded and time-stamped so you’ll always know which staff member entered/edited the information and when.


Issue Briefs

Post any and all documents you wish to support your legislative agenda and provide your meeting participants with the information needed right in the mobile app for review.

Activities Feed

Allows the meeting host and attendees to submit their own posts to the mobile app with images from their visit.

Virtual Meeting Capability

With the tap of a button, any meeting can become a virtual meeting, or even a hybrid meeting connecting participants both in-person and virtually.


Promote your sponsors and/or generate income from carefully chosen ads located to bring the most views to your app users.

Office Location Mapping

Easily find congressional office meeting locations with unique mapping providing directions and showing the exact location for each meeting.


Use our networking tools to quickly connect with colleagues during meetings and share business interests.



Showcase your meeting speakers with links to their meeting sessions, bios and contact information.

Mobile App

A mobile app with your branding and customized schedules for each participant.


The powerful Advocacy Edge dashboard puts you in complete control of your event. Quickly set up meetings using integrated the congressional directory, including staff issue assignments.


A "quick start" video tutorial allows you to hit the ground running, and our professional staff is always available to help.

One App That Does It All!

Why invest in both an event app and an advocacy app when you can have both available in one comprehensive platform.

Advocacy Edge is a unique platform that allows an organization to create a single app for your own event or multiple apps branded individually for your different clients and/or events. You decide the best use for your organization and subscription pricing is based upon the level of usage.

Make an Impression

Get the professional edge you need when it counts the most.

What they’re saying 

“If you’re looking for a mobile app platform that does it all, you’ve come to the right place. Advocacy Edge by Convergence has helped us provide our membership with state-of-the-art advocacy tools that are second to none. From our large Washington DC Fly-ins to our state legislative days across the country, this app has allowed our members to more effectively advocate for our clients on Main Street.”

Andrew Holt

Grassroots Advocacy Manager, National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors

“We began using Advocacy Edge five years ago to facilitate the management of legislative fly-ins for our clients. It’s simply unrivaled in terms of the features available. The professionals at Convergence are second to none in service and are invaluable to our fly-in operations.”

Jacob Beaver

Deputy Chief of Staff, Prime Policy Group

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American Academy of Optometry
American Optometric Association
Legislative Solutions
G Squared
Capitol Inquiry
PSC Thermal Solutions
American Academy of Opthalmology

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